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The vast majority of highly successful men and women acknowledge the huge benefits of having a mentor to help them forge the right path in their career.  The INSEAD Alumni Impact Mentoring Programme is here to help women in current and potential leadership positions to manage transitions and further develop their careers.  We are offering experienced men and women the rewarding opportunity of becoming mentors and help women fulfill their potential. 

Gender diversity does not happen by accident or serendipity. Most high achieving women will tell you that a key factor in their success was having a mentor to help them negotiate and manage their careers. This programme was developed with some of these advocates to make real changes to women's chances of fulfilling their aspirations.   

Successful mentees will be women who will be assigned two mentors, one male and one female, who together will set clear goals. The programme will entail regular meetings, chats or telephone calls over a 9 month period where progress will be monitored.

Our belief is that mentoring can be one of the key tools to further these women's prospects, build their network and get concrete professional advice and guidance as they make their next professional steps. We plan to facilitate a mentoring relationship between professional women in middle to senior management (or trying to return to the workforce after a break) with more experienced individuals (both men and women) who have a passion and genuine interest in mentoring and helping close the gender gap. 

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 Are you wanting to move your career up a pace? 
Do you want to speak up and be heard?
Don’t know how to navigate your company’s politics? Or just searching for some clarity as to where to go next?

As we all know, good mentors are often hard to come by, but the Alumni Impact Mentoring Programme features mentors from Barclays, Lego, Bain Capital, BBC Worldwide, KPMG, United Nations, Goldman Sachs and many other top organisations as well as entrepreneurs with over 20+ years of experience in senior positions such as Directors, Executives from the C-Suite (including CEOs), VPs and EVPs that have all generously dedicated their time  to help women achieve reach new heights in their careers!

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Will you play a key role in making this happen?
We are seeking mentors from across all sectors, backgrounds and types of organisations with senior-level experience who are generous with their thoughts and insights. This is an opportunity to support the next generation of alumnae as they make career transitions and to be part of the movement to close the gender gap.
The benefits of improving gender balance not only at board level but throughout organisations is a business imperative. 

 Join the INSEAD Alumni Impact Mentoring Programme where you can make a difference.


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“[My mentor] supported me, giving a good basis for negotiations – now my terms have substantially improved as well as the role” - mentee

“I am getting some invaluable strategic advice that really makes me think through what I was taking for granted.” - mentor

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